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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the prices fixed?

Yes, our prices are carefully checked against the market price and value of each part. It makes no sense to make a bid.

How long does it take before a part is shipped?

As soon as your payment appears in the bank, a shipping order is automatically created. It is therefore possible to receive the part at home after 3 days from your order

The part that I need is not on the site?

No worries. In your account page you can specify your personal preferences and indicate which parts you are looking for. From the moment they appear on our shop you will be automatically notified by email. You are no more than a few clicks away from ordering your part and you do not have to search the entire internet.

Can you help us improve the shop?

Of course! All input is welcome. For example, if you come across a part where the description is not at all correct with the photos (eg if it says undamaged but there is a huge dent or scratch in it) contact us and we will adjust this immediately.

Can you become a connected dealer yourself?

If you have a trade register and you have second-hand parts for sale, you may be eligible to become a connected trader.
Contact us for an appointment.

As a private person, can I also place parts on the webshop?

In principle this is not possible. However, it is possible to deliver your parts to Bikes 2 Bits in consignment. You will then receive a similar agreement whereby you are sure that your parts receive the same treatment as that of a connected trader.
With the webshop you reach the whole world without having to invest time and effort. The only thing you have to do is wait until the part is sold.
Contact us for an appointment.

Can parts also be collected?

We recommend having the parts shipped. However, it is possible to pick up a part. The part will then be reserved for you for a maximum of 1 week. You must enter a probable collection day and collection time. The trader will be notified of this and you will receive the collection address by email.

What if the part is not what I expected?

We recommend that you first carefully check the description and the photos. We are very careful in building our database, but it is of course not inconceivable that there will still be an incorrect description with the part. If an error nevertheless happens, you can always send the part back. See also our return policy.

Does a part also fit on another motorcycle?

It can very well be that a certain part fits on a whole series of motorcycles or on the same type but on several year periods. It is therefore always advisable to check whether your motorcycle falls within the specified year period.
You can also look into other year periods if the part in question has also been used in other models.

I have a motorcycle for sale myself?

Perfect! You can always contact us with a short description, your asking price and some photos. We will contact you immediately. You can do this via the contact form on the home.

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