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Return policy

We use a "money back" principle. Not to be confused with our warranty provisions.
The customer will submit a request for this via the return form.
Reimbursement of transport costs and the part price takes place according to the following principles:

• If the fault lies with the customer, the part will be reimbursed but all transport costs will be borne by the customer.
The customer has the option to receive the amount as a voucher with a subsequent purchase. For this, the customer will receive an electronic voucher with a unique code.
A return voucher will be sent to the customer by email including shipping instructions, the cost of which will be charged to the customer at the rate charged at the rate will be deducted from the refund of the part price.
In addition, an administrative fee of 10% can be charged with a minimum of 5 Euros and a max of 50 Euros.
A non-exhaustive list of situations where the fault lies with the customer:
- Part does indeed correspond to the detailed description of the properties and any defects as stated in the product sheet
- The customer no longer needs a part, without noticing a deviating defect or characteristic of the part, and wishes to return it
- Customer does not provide a description of the reason

• If the fault lies with the dealer, the part and the return transport costs will be reimbursed.
Bikes 2 Bits will be the moderator between the customer and the trader and decide where the error lies. In case of doubt, an attempt will always be made to reimburse the customer.

• Parts that are clearly personal in nature or have been explicitly modified or delivered at the customer's request cannot be returned. These are the so-called non-returnable parts.

• The customer undertakes to return the part in exactly the same condition as when it was received and also undertakes to do so in the original packaging and packaged and protected in an acceptable manner (good father's principle) and protected against transport damage . If this is not the case, the error can be returned to the customer.

Return period and right of return

A return period of 10 days applies. You can check and evaluate the article within this period. The return period starts from the moment the customer has received the part. Only if the part supplied does not meet the previously known description of condition, color, properties, brand, model, year, ... in short, the part properties as stated on the product sheet in the webshop can the customer return the part according to the above rules. After this period, the right to return expires regardless of the reason.

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