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Warranty policy

  1. Warranty and the "not good, money back" principle only apply to the individual parts supplied and therefore not to the assembly, installation and processing of these parts into a larger whole. Any damage resulting from this action therefore falls under the responsibility of the buyer.

  2. In the event that a part for which a warranty is granted due to damage occurring during the warranty period, no longer functions within the warranty period and if a repair is required as a result (to the component itself and to the whole where the component is installed), the the buyer is entitled to a repair according to the scope laid down in these conditions. If a repair is not possible, the "money back" principle is used again. A partial reimbursement can also be decided in joint consultation.

  3. Without taking into account the contributing causes, no guarantee is provided for damage a) as a result of an accident, i.e. an external event that has direct and sudden effect with mechanical force; b) as a result of intentional or malicious acts, alienation, in particular theft, use by unauthorized persons, robbery or embezzlement, as a result of the direct effect of storm, hail, lightning, earthquake or flood, as well as as a result of fire or explosion; c) as a result of war events of any kind, civil war, internal unrest, strike, lock-out, seizure or other government intervention or as a result of nuclear energy; d) for which a third party as manufacturer, supplier, seller (eg for production, manufacturing, construction and organizational errors, warranty for spare parts, etc.) contractually, also by virtue of a repair order (eg also repair errors in previous repairs) or due to any other maintenance, warranty and / or insurance agreement must provide compensation or normally grant compensation (also, for example, out of compliance by the manufacturer).

  4. Determination of force for engine blocks: No guarantee is provided for damage a) as a result of the use of unsuitable fuels, oil shortage or overheating; b) caused by the fact that the engine block was exposed to higher axle and towing loads than those permitted by the manufacturer; c) arising from participation in organized or non-organized driving events with the character of a race or as a result of the corresponding test drives; d) that arises as a result of a modification of the original construction of the vehicle (eg tuning) or by the fitting of foreign parts or accessories that are not permitted by the manufacturer e) as a result of using the vehicle that is clearly in need of repair was, unless it can be demonstrated that the damage is not related to the need for a repair to be carried out; f) mounted in vehicles that have been used by the buyer at least temporarily for professional purposes and / or rented out to a changing circle of people. g) on ​​wear parts. h) The exclusions in point 3a to 3f are applicable after a breach by the buyer due to negligence or intentional nature of his obligations. The burden of proof for the non-existence of this negligence or willfulness rests with the buyer. i) normal wear and tear such as control of valves, coupling, bearing, oil consumption, etc. that is acceptable for the advertised mileage is not covered by the guarantee.
    Warranty on engine blocks therefore traces itself to normal normal operation and lasts until just after the first test drive.

  5. Determination of force for electronic parts such as alternators, alternators, rectifiers, CDIs, ECUs, etc.: A guarantee is never given for this as the proper functioning and the failure thereof is determined by a number of elements specific to the vehicle where the said parts are located. built-in and fall outside the responsibility of the seller.

  6. A guarantee performance assumes that the problem is reported immediately and within a period of 10 days via email and with a detailed description of the problem.

Start and duration of the warranty

The guarantee for second-hand parts starts on the delivery date or collection date. Every guarantee ends the moment the part is accepted by the buyer. In the event of non-acceptance, the seller must be notified within 10 days of receipt in accordance with the procedure described in the return policy. If no comments are made within the stipulated period, the warranty period will automatically end and this without the need for cancellation.


Upon sale or transfer of the part by the buyer during the warranty period, the warranty is not automatically transferred to the new owner. The continuation of an existing warranty for a new owner is only possible with the agreement of the seller, who originally purchased the part and submitted a valid warranty claim. When the part is sold to a professional dealer, the warranty expires.

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